Get the power of AI Chatbots without any of the hassels.

M2M Omnichannel is no-code AI Chatbot and Live Chat Platform enabling the best customer engagement experiences across multiple channels.
Deploy your bot on WhatsApp and 12+ other channels

How the M2M Omnichannel drives revenue

Revolutionizing your business with conversational AI Chatbots: Unlock the benefits of automated lead generation, customer support, and appointment bookings with multiple bots.

Automate lead generation

Qualify prospects with AI Chatbots and create leads in your CRMs, lead generation can be done at scale quickly and efficiently.

Scale your support

Scale your customer support with a bot that answers mundane queries, creates tickets, and fetches ticket status.

Booking more appointments

Get more appointments booked by a smart chatbot that gets all the qualifying questions answered

Drag-and-drop design with intuitive UI, you’ll be building custom chatbots in minutes


Build AI Chatbot Conversational Experience  across multiple channels
Reimagine your customer journey with conversational automation, intelligence and connecting with your customers in real-time via live chat over text, voice and video conversations.


Get the power of Live Chat to transform your Customer Experience
Seamlessly hand over complex support requests to a human agent. Connect with your customers in real-time across multiple channels. Respond to incoming conversations with a complete suite of features, across channels leveraging the One-View Inbox.


Get insights into your bot’s engagement and performance with Analytics
View, monitor bot and team performance. Track engagement and retention across multiple channels over time. Make smarter decisions on how to improve engagement with your chatbot analytics dashboard.

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The Best Way to know What They Want is Through a Chatbot

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